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We can't rush our healing

Everything seemingly starts with a question. Maybe first we find ourselves wondering why are we here, what is this environment and what is all this other stuff within our reality? Maybe that sends us on a mission to attempt to find purpose through different means of research and experience. Our world has always been chaos according to any news outlet, and to a certain extent they are right. It must be chaos to fund wars and not house or feed the poor. When we look in to these things we may feel helplessness, wondering what it is we could do to help. I've asked myself that question and continue to as I evolve.

It took a traumatic event to really take a look at myself, and even then it wasn't until I was in the middle of trying to fix myself did I realize the importance of giving myself the things I wanted to see more of in the world. I've had a rich background when it comes to connection with other humans. I spent 20 years behind a stylist chair fixing hair, I've probably worked with over a 1000 people. I've heard some of the most horrific stories, and dealt with suicidal people on multiple occasions. The human experience has more than just touched me, it's became a full reflection of the multiplicity of emotions embedded within myself. I couldn't help but to relate to the pain and the joy. I couldn't help but to give all I knew to give, kindness, compassion, truth in prayer. When we witness someone in the middle of the storm these things are the most powerful. I've learned we must allow others their process, there is no rushing through healing. There is no antidote to the pain of evolution for pain IS the evolution. We can only give each other the confirmation that we will come out of it, even if we come out with scars, those scars will one day remind us of our resilience for we are built for survival. This is the power of prayer, a simple mindset shared that what will be will be and it's always alright. Life will always continue and that the continuation is not finite, but the divine infinite.

Healing is about surrender, we add by subtraction. In our commitment to becoming the best version of ourselves we will first find out what we are not. This is done by the process of elimination, usually triggered by submission from trauma or pain. Not that this is always the case but I dont know if I've ever heard a story otherwise. We feel uncomfortable and we begin to process new thoughts surrounding what it looks like to change. We begin to look for things we could change, and find new information that suits what we are looking for. The beauty of it is that the universe conspires to help us along the way, leading us to the very directions we need for our evolution. One thing we must keep in mind though is the process of healing is a forever commitment and the hardest hurdle along the way is judgement. It started with judgement and usually judgement hides within our unravelling of ego. We can get caught in traps thinking we are doing something others aren't thinking we know the way simply based on our own results. That is the trap itself, that the road is not linear, and that at any minute the very thing you judge you may find yourself doing. It's a tricky thing the mind does, and I find myself having to tread lightly in my attempts to help people. I feel unconditional love is the ultimate assistance, because not only is it confirmation it exists within me, it strenghtens us both when shared, and this is how we identify truth. We are not here to tell eachother what to do, or even how to heal, we are hear as reflections of eachother, striving to see past what we are not, and see in eachother what we actually are...We cannot rush our own healing, we can only surrender to the process and in the meantime extend the grace life gives us to eachother....the mercy life gives us to eachother...the compassion life gives us to eachother....because we are truly grateful life gave us eachother...

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