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Beauty in the struggle

Even in giving advice and information, the most important thing is to make someone question. Questions are the most important part of the journey. They encourage the mind to expand. To question is to know the importance of critical thinking and the power of belief. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

What are my beliefs about myself? Are they influencing me positively or holding me back?

What are my beliefs about life? Do I see life as supportive to my growth?

Are there things I enjoy that I'm not doing enough of? Why?

Am I looking for something? What are my true desires?

Am I eating healthy or are there things I could change to improve my body?

Am I exercising enough or could I use more? What's the best I've ever felt?

Let us define being uncomfortable. It can be seen as doing what's outside our comfort zone, as suffering, as undesirable emotions, as physical discomfort or even disease. When its time to change we have two important factors to look at, surrender and alchemy. The ability to let go, and the ability to shift or change. Our internal life speaks to us through habits and feelings. Most of the time the feeling creates a habit that caters to masking how we feel, we can call this a distraction. We are wired to avoid uncomfortable emotions, as we are wired to avoid pain. This is part of our biology to survive. Unfortunately it makes it difficult for us to surrender and to change because both require we feel our uncomfortable feelings. In life everything is has a price, the price for growth and wisdom is pain. Hence, no pain, no gain.

Life is constantly talking to us. It's always giving signs through what we read, watch, people we speak to, and things we notice. These signs give us contrast to our belief systems, we notice them most likely because they either resonate with us or challenge us. At this point in our evolution as a collective we are being encouraged to change because of all the changes happening around us. We may even feel we are at a time of rebirth and welcome the new version of us, or we may feel discomfort and disorder, either way we are going to shift. When we take responsibility and risk to improve we will find things will change for the better. There is no way out of discomfort except to go through. To make small improvements daily in a loving way. We all need to remember we are in the same boat and to have empathy for each other on our journey. It feels good to give, it feels good to help, it feels good to be of service. These things allow ease of our own shift. What we give to another we give to ourselves. We all subconsciously desire the same things. We desire acceptance and our idea of love. To give these to ourselves first require we get curious about these desires and take action towards them. We accept ourselves first just how we are and then also accept the road to a new more loving version of ourself.

One way to assist change is research. Once we know we are ready and willing to change, we go on a scavenger hunt for clues. This part is crucial. The brain is wired for comfort because comfort means safety. The only way to help the brain out is to absorb new information, and lots of it. Repetition is key. If everyday I wake up and read the benefits of a vegan diet, or the benefits of herbs, or how to fast, or anything I would like to focus on, I give my brain the opportunity to process the theory. If our curiousity leads us to trying something new out we will always find results. Ultimately we are signing up to be our own experiment. This becomes the fun part, because when it comes to self improvement life doesn't disappoint. We create expansion no matter what through our bravery to try new things. Life rewards the brave. There are no wrong turns when our intention is to grow. So roll the dice on yourself, there's no losing, there's only growth.

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