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True health

Every time I’ve thought to write what could be considered a blueprint to true health, I’ve also had to consider the only one who truly knows your path…you. Because being human is so complex, different things have worked for healing for different people. I think the secret lies in belief. Imagine we are looking for clues, the ones that stand out, that resonate as truth, that we agree psychologically to try out and that we measure in feeling, are the building bricks to our future castle of health. What is true in one phase can be different in another. We are technically creating theory and testing our hypothesis and the body will show the way.

If ever we find ourselves in search of advice for health, we must also realize that we are volunteering to a life of surrender. Our body is much smarter than our conscious mind, everything it does is for self preservation and survival. So we make a deal with our body, we ask and allow it show us the way. We ask for its help through means of intuition, which is a mind body connection. Our job consciously is research the brilliance of the body, how it self-heals once we get out of its way. We must come to a place where we are in full faith our body can heal. It needs our faith in it, this gives the body the green light.

Our conscious mind is responsible for our consumption, yet is mostly overridden with our subconscious addictions and coping for unwitnessed emotions. This is the hardest part if we only use sheer force and determination. The discipline to shift is a surrender. This path is usually the path that has been calling us for a long time, the path we have ignored, discouraged, and hidden from ourselves. Most of the time this path is presented only through trauma, grief or disease. Sometimes it’s presented through curiosity, but all the time it will be the only way to save ourselves.

What we see in the world is a reflection of the energies we all contain. There is no such thing as being fully healed in a world that suffers, until we all heal none of us are fully healed. The healing path is a decision to continually co-create with evolution. It is a responsibility only our true selves can handle and therefore gives us a glimpse in to our true identity as human beings and beyond, souls. It opens our ‘third eye’. What does this mean? The best description I’ve heard is, the third eye sees what the two cannot. The third eye is the ability to see the polarity of life as one thing. It shows us the objective reality, the one and only truth.

That we are all one thing, we are one with the planet, the sky, the galaxy, the stars, the universe…We have been created with the same fabric of energy as everything else. We are formless yet we have taken form…just like everything else.

Our salvation lies in our service.

Our salvation lies in our service.

Our salvation lies in our service.

There is no healing without connection to purpose. Many of us have wondered what our purpose here on earth is, what our individual purpose is, and if we even have one. What a beautiful contemplation, a clean slate for faith to come paint an infinite picture. So I would ask…if we all are interconnected, then does all service serve the one, the all? Service to others is a confirmation of one’s sovereignty and a purpose to life. When we give purely, we receive the gift itself, the having of the gift. We must have it in order to give it.

In this way our own healing serves the whole. To know our abundance and to give of our abundance.

This is the path in its completeness. A discovery of ourselves and our family. An acceptance off all our ignorance and an allowance to change. Throughout it all we learn the power of forgiveness. We learn we are supported and encouraged through life itself. We learn there is only love…

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