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I had a moment of clarity the other day and the insight was on forgiveness. I believe we've all heard forgiveness is for us and not the other person. Holding back forgiveness is us holding on to our anger or disappointment, or whatever emotion that allowed us to feel perpetrated. The insight took me further in to self-forgiveness. Concepts are usually easier to digest as we read or hear about them, rarely in the hightened moments of our conflicts can we actually practice what we've thought to be so helpful. This peticular time was different for me. I was the cause of dissatisfaction of my loved one by some words I'd uttered harmlessly, to my surprise the reaction I got was disappointed. I've noticed how I carry the dissapointment of another even after I've been accountable and apologized, I noticed how it has ruined days for me, waiting for forgiveness. This time was different though, although I was still sad, I thought to myself, 'my intentions weren't to hurt anyone, I understand where I went wrong, I apologized...' I asked myself why did I feel to punish myself, why live in this self-condemnation? I ignorance is my innocence, and now that I've been shown where I need to improve I can stop and think a little bit before I speak on something in a critical way. I thought about self-forgiveness, I consciously talked to myself enough to convince myself that the day need not be sad and that I am forgiven, I forgave myself for my ignorance and decided to file it as a gift. In that moment I wrote a text, explaining my gratitude for being called out, and that I am human, a work in progress and that I can do better.

I say all this to summarize the importance of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the bridge that connects our physical experience to our higher selves...connects us to spirit. We are innocent in the gentle hands of the creator, we need not condemn ourselves or others for mistakes, we can use every experience as an opportunity to grow closer in to the nature of our being. The being beyond our conditioning, beyond our mistakes and illusions, to the truth of our wholeness, our togetherness...our oneness in life....

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