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Tell the whole story

Vulnerability creates space. Lets write that again...Vulnerability creates space. We've noticed the trend in todays social media influencers and motivational speakers of the lack of telling the whole story. Not to criticize a good message, or the messenger delivering it, but the sweet fruits don't always give the part about a winter baron tree before the buds of spring. The truth is in the nakedness. The darkness is what gives birth to our awareness of the innate light within. To tell the whole story of the brokenness, of the depression, of the deprivation, of the confusion and the surrender to get to the point of the story where conviction allows us to tell that story.

Spirituality comes with our acknowlegment of both dark and light within us. It comes with a dedication to ourselves, becoming the best version of ourselves that our consciousness in this moment creates. It's a journey of embodiment, first through knowledge and experience, then through the surrender of our idea of control. We will become who we are meant to be. In the meantime spirituality teaches us to be present, to be kind and to have reverence for this life. It is the honoring of all of the spectrum of polarity. That in our true giving is the gift, for giving is the confirmation to ourselves that we have something to give.

Sometimes the dark part of our journey is called "the dark night of the soul." It is the part of our story that truly allows us to heal. It is where we become accountable for our behaviors and the part we've played in our own lives that has caused us pain and misery. It is where we evalute our routines, disciplines, and consumptions and begin to make change to the parts that aren't enhancing our lives. Usually the physical body is our first project, it is the easiest route to go through because we have immediate access to our own habits. As we begin to nuture our physical bodies through diet, exercise, reading, sunlight and meditation to name a few, we will start to clear our mind up. Once the mind begins to clear up we can experience emotional purging, and even memories of our past traumas and even generational traumas. Sometimes this part of our life is activated through accidents or disease. Whether it's a choice or we feel we didnt had a choice, surrendering to the process is the best decision we can ever make. Always investing in ourselves proves to bring us strength and confidence that we can get through anything. That we can change for the better. That theres always room for growth and that in itself is the evolutionary process everything goes through.

Vulnerability creates space. Let's dive in to that. Our spiritual self is perfection, the divine is perfection, this is the truth that connects us all. Here we are, in this experience, in a vehicle we call our body. We experience emotion, we are influenced by eachother, and relationships are the focal point of our existence. We have all had our share of pain, and what we see in our culture is a system that lacks honesty, morals, ethics, and integrity. The suffering around us in the world is a clear indication of the suffering we have all been through. So this leads us to believe that sharing our suffering is a burden, for there is already enough of that, that maybe there is no space for ours. How do we turn the pain in to a blessing? Once our souls work of transforming our path has taken effect we can look in hindsight to see how all our tragedies have become our triumphs. What we learn in the darkness is patience and stillness. We bare witness to the intellegence of the universe and how everything is working out for our greater good. In this darkness is the treasure of our storytelling. To not glorify the process with being "woke", but to glorify the resillience that lay dormant until our awakening took route. In our pain we discover our capacity for compassion for ourselves, then in direct relationship to the world in our embodiment of it. To tell our weakness, to share our fears, to paint the shadows knowing the light will make them come alive.

The journey to the remembrance of love, through our humanness, in to our wrongs, no rights, just all in...just judgements...all love.

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