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Going Vegan

If you're paying attention you may notice all the new products and marketing associated around the word vegan. Is it the diet of the future? It is a way to heal the body? Does it live up to the hype? Can we raise our "vibration" strictly off of the mode of consumptions we choose to engage in? These are all questions we can find the answers to simply by trying it out for ourselves. With so much information on how to get started we've found the easiest way is starting slowly so that the physical body has time to adjust. The body is made to adapt and is constantly doing so. Just the thought of trying something different is the first step to implementing a change. There's really no loosing when it comes to trying something new, it helps us expand our horizons and lets us learn about what we actually does and doesn't work for us.

On a chemical level veganism contains more alkaline based minerals. Why is this important? The body's blood chemistry sits at an alkaline PH balance of 7.4. The scale ranges from 1-14, 1 being base acidic, 14 being base alkaline. The body is constantly adjusting and adapting to maintain the bloods PH level, we call this homeostasis, or balance. To take out certain animal products in the beginning the body will begin to release stored up acids, the slower we go the less we will feel the effects of the transition. We would recommend releasing the meat first, maybe one animal at a time, and depending on the type, the most acidic ones first. Many studies have been done around transitioning into a plant based diet but to try it out and doing your own research is key. We believe in ultimately that following your own intuition for what your body needs and to be gentle in the process. We will have more success with anything when there is no guilt or shame present in our process. Implementing a plant based diet as a discipline that rewards the body with more energy and less stress.

So...some simple things to get started.

Whole Foods

  • Adding whole foods that have not yet been processed to every meal. Once food has been altered out of its natural state, by the process of heat and addition to chemicals, it looses some of its natural nutrients.

  • Making sure to buy organic or farmer's market when possible.

  • Starch, legumes and grains can be used to give us a more full feeling.

Meat Alternatives

  • In the beginning of transitioning the meat alternatives can help reduce the cravings for meat. Because our body adapts to certain foods the bacteria in our gut can cause us to have cravings for what we are replacing. The taste and textures of these alternatives can help alleviate those cravings.

  • We don't recommend this as a long term solution, although it probably won't be. What we've noticed is that the cravings for even the alternatives go away over time and become more of a treat.

  • Some of the most common allergens are soy, wheat and corn, not that these are bad but sometimes transitioning into vegan makes us consume more of these which can cause an adverse effect if we aren't aware we may not digest or process these things very well.

Starting Slow

  • One day at a time and implementing small changes makes for more success. Start by removing pork and processed meats the first week. The second week red meat. The third chicken and turkey. The fourth fish. The fifth dairy. Or anyway they seems more to fit your own calendar.

  • Removing processed foods, refined sugars and highly caffeinated beverages can also be taken into consideration going into a healthier lifestyle.

  • Adding herbs helps with mineral deprivation and appetite. Teas can really be beneficial to help the process along.

  • Be gentle with yourself, this is a lifestyle change it takes time.

  • The more research and education we do the easier the transition will become, everything starts within the mind first.

Vegan also takes in account the other lives on the planet. Although we feel this to be beneficial for our species it also promotes a peaceful planet on all levels. To see if this works for us brings levels of awareness that will directly affect our lives, and in the long run gives us more confidence to try new things.

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