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Detox and Fasting

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

I think about generations and teachers that came before me. I think of the ancient wisdoms that have been passed down and watered down. I think about how the times have changed and everything that we have as resources in our lives that we can use to improve ourselves. The culture we are in is progressive and always searching for a new mountain to climb. Whats interesting though is the mountains we still perceive outside of ourselves, when in reality Mt. Everest lies within. There are heights we can reach externally and yes they bring a temporary boost after that high is consumed, but what is really sustainable? Our reality is becoming more heart based and many of us are looking to mend what feels broken. What was passed down to us, what traumas and pains need our compassion and where do we start?

The self-help industry is one of the fastest growing industries showing us about current trends within how we are directing our attentions. We are consuming information at speeds never done in history yet rarely do we meet another who holds the peace we search for. The relationship between consumption and well-being have been told in the ancient books, and for curiostiy purposes we may be lead to test a thesis. Removing things for our life can clear up the space for us to innerstand what we actually need and what is important. Most consumptions are habitual and therefore are never questioned. We've heard of the concept of fasting but most of us assume not eating anything to be fasting, when in reality fasting can just be practiced one or more things at a time. This can include more than just food although food is the major factor. We can fast from the internet, music, interactions, or anything that feels it may have a lot of our attention. We can ask ourselves what is the quality of what we are consuming? Have we tried removing things that are proven to not be so helpful to our system? Are we asking ourselves the right questions, have we had moments of thinking critically about how things affect our system? Do we realize how interconnected our consumption is to the health of our body which effects the health of our mental, emotional, and spiritual? If we feel stuck or confused, if we feel defeated or overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, fasting can help us clear up and think clearer. Notice how the instinct of an animal that is sick is to not eat and sometimes not drink which is called dry fasting. There are levels to each stage of fasting but for the encouragement of this blog doing some outside research to find and test what may be comfortable for your body. My boyfriend and I just did a seven day fruit and juice fast which we would recommend even for shorter periods of time. Fruit is easily assimilated into the body, full of good sugars, antioxidants and fiber. Then also the addition of vegetable based juices gives us the minerals and proteins to help strengthen our systems. One day of juice or fruit or switching to fruit for breakfast can lend to great improvements. It is all about the journey after all, and nature provides everything we need to heal and detox our bodies. Fruit being a natural cleanser and veggies being a natural strenghener. And don't forget about the medicine of earth, our beloved herbs, most that grow invasive with the resillience of no other plants....literally the most potent of medicines are considered weeds...think about that. Mother earth is abundant and nurturing, she provides us with what we need to come back to harmony with her. Beyond our domestication still lies the power of our innate connection, and we are not exempt from the decision to reclaim our inner power.

Quick tips-

-Fruit on an empty stomach, or with other fruits, mixing fruit with heavier starchy foods or proteins can cause bloating and gas.

-Fruit to Break-Fast in the morning is a good option

-Drinking water and herbal tea when fasting helps stimulate the eliminative organs for disposal of toxins

-Emotions also detox when fasting, moods can become dark and we can feel as if we are on an emotional rollercoaster, cells hold memory and in detoxification we are flushing out the weak, a purge of fear is common.

-Meditation, breathing exercises, and light exercise can help ease the process

-Warmer weather helps facilitate fasting because of its alkaline cooling effect of the body

-Fasting is a practice and a discipline for those who are ready to challenge themselves, it is not for the faint of heart.

-Fasting gives an inner power that is by far the most potent, it allows us connection to see beyond fear and welcome whatever life has for us....

-Go slow and be gentle with yourself.....

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