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Bridging the Gap

The material world and the spiritual world are seemingly very different places in the beginning of our journey. Until one day a catalytic event demands balance and throws us into searching for an identity outside of our minds idealism. The notion of a path of ascension, or the spiritual path is only truly brought to life when in balance with the material world. We may find ourselves on the most introspective journey we've ever experienced. The principles we obtain in the spirit are the tools we apply to the material. It is only in balance can we actually truly enjoy life. For our spiritual path solidifies an identity of oneness, of wholeness, and of worthiness. This connects us to everyone and everything in the universe. This brings an awareness of the innate peace that resides within. It connects us back to our inner child and allows us to be present to life. We become devotees to this path, peeling back layers gently of things that no longer serve the best version of ourselves as we go. Day by day we embody more and more compassion for ourselves and forgiveness becomes our second nature.

What connects us in the material world is the essence of being human. We look at pain as darkness, as if it is something we do not desire, yet something we can never escape. The truth about pain is that until we have bridged the gap between the spiritual and material it consumes us. Pain demands our attention, it holds us captive. With a spirtual understanding pain and heartbreak become teachers. Pain is initiation, being uncomfortable is a passage rite for the next stage of evolution. We learn from the spritual to embrace our pain, to integrate it and to see it as part of the light. Pain connects our humanness. When we are honest and vulnerable about the places we've been and the tragedies we've witnessed we create connection through empathy. We turn pain into a recognition that it's not been easy for any of us and we all deserve a safe space of kindness from eachother.

All of us are in different stages of our journey. Some of us are just now awakening to the idea that the system set up in this reality will not serve us as a species moving forward. Its pushing us to different places mentally and we must remember each of us has our own sacred connection with life and our beliefs. There is really no right or wrong, only spaces for exploration that feel right to us personally and are destinations of our intuitive navigation system. We are not here to judge eachothers' paths, only to celebrate, encourage, and assist when called apon. This is about honoring the integrity within each of us, allowing us to open and expand in whatever way feels right to us. When the spiritual and the material come in to balance life takes on a whole new perspective. For the love we experience in the disciplines of tending to our inner garden are expressed outwardly as love for others, as innerstanding for others, and as compassion and gratitude for all.

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